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The Avondale Irrigation District currently serves 2,193 active connections within its district boundary, 250 active connections for the City of Hayden Lake and provides emergency water to an additional 200 connections located within the Pineview Water District.   

The district needed a water model to  better plan for future development. With over 2,200 active connections and 40 miles of piping, this presented a daunting task. Our solution  utilized Avondale's existing records, lines, meters, and valves which they had located using resource quality GPS. To build the model, we needed two more elements. First, we needed good elevations. This was done by locating the fire hydrants with our RTK GPS and was completed in less than a week. The second element was to create a base map in which to overlay the entire system that showed parcel and district boundaries. We utilized the county's GIS database with field checks on controlling monuments. The result is a fully functional water system map that is now carried by field operators.

We are very satisfied with both model results and the health of the District overall.  Avondale Irrigation District has done a great job in maintaining their district, planning for growth and serving the public, which is all due to competent employees and a history of dedicated board members.  Over the years the District has become known for great drinking water, great customer service and a dedicated staff with the willingness to go the extra mile.   Tony Davis of IDEQ stated “IDEQ is very positive about the quality of water that the District serves to its customers and is very complimentary about cooperation received by the board and employees”.

Avondale Irrigation District
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