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Final platting projects include comprehensive (preliminary to final platting, including improvement design, etc.) to short plats (usually handled administratively by the governing agency). Condominium platting and conversion of existing buildings into condominiums is a part of the services we provide.  We identify the agencies with review authority and plan the platting process to best anticipate the requirements of each agency as well as the necessary timing for review/approval so that multiple reviews can be underway at any given time to expedite the overall process. We have familiarity with many agencies and their applicable ordinances which aides us in providing effective service to our clients. 

ALTA surveys provide for information requested by interested parties in financial and other transactions regarding properties. Our services are tailored to the specific requirements requested and, with the extensive experience our staff has, are handled in an expeditious and confidential manner.

Records of Survey are used to provide permanent graphic depiction of parcel arrangement. These documents are prepared in accordance with existing state statutes for recording standards to facilitate placing the document into the permanent records. We also provide these documents for the client’s use only when they contain information that is not intended to be made public.

 Topographic surveys are provided as a basis for planning and design of site improvements. These surveys can include items specified by the client for their specific needs in evaluating the potential options that the property might be used for. Surveys can be of above and below water (hydrographic) features.

 Other services include Flood Plain Elevation Certificates, Mortgage Surveys, As-Built Surveys, etc. If there is a question regarding location of boundaries, land features, easement locations or other items that need to be considered when evaluating property, our staff has the expertise to assist or advise clients to obtain the information required.




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