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WaterCAD is a powerful program we use here at Tate Engineering, Inc. that helps our Engineers design complex pressurized piping systems. The program works within our AutoCAD Civil 3-D engineering design software, which gives us the flexibility of both the topographic information of AutoCAD and the design analysis of WaterCAD.

WaterCAD can perform steady-state analysis of water distribution systems, perform extended period simulations to analyze the response of the piping system to varying supply and demand schedules, perform Fire Flow Analysis on the system to determine how the system will behave under extreme conditions. WaterCAD can do scenario management to match a variety of "what if" alternatives on the system.

When we perform water system modeling, not only do we create a living, breathing water model  capable of determining future needs, but we also create an inventory and great mapping system. A water model can be used for many different functions, the greatest being its ability to predict future needs with the addition of connections, pumps and reservoirs.  Once a water model has been built, it takes only basic maintenance to update it so it is always on the ready for the next project.

Water Systems Distribution Modeling
We have used WaterCAD to develop models for Remington Water District, Cabinet Mountain Water District, and Avondale Irrigation District.
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