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Slow-Sand Filtration Facilities
Tate Engineering is on the leading edge of developing slow-sand  filter water treatment systems. We have experience in the design, operation, and evaluation of over 14 systems in three states of the Northwest. A slow-sand filter treats the water by a combination of biological action and filtration.  The upper layers of the sand provide both biological and filtration of the water. These are low cost, low maintenance systems that provide effective water treatment.

  • City of Dover ◊ 2004
Addition of existing slow-sand filter to increase capacity to 300 gpm

  • City of Hope ◊ 2008
Design of slow-sand filter to treat spring source

  • Kootenai County Water District #1 ◊ 2007-2008
Design of 450 gpm slow-sand filter to replace existing treatment system

  • Gozzer Ranch ◊ 2007
Start-up of new slow-sand filter to make compliant with state water quality regulations

  • City of Dover, ID slow-sand filter ◊ 1990-1991
Construction Phase Engineering for original

  • Ascent Wilderness Slow-Sand Filter ◊ 1994
Design and construction of two-bay, 60 gpm system

  • Rocky Mountain Acadamy ◊ 1995
Design and Construction of a new two-bay, 50 gpm system to augment an existing single               bay system

  • Colburn Water Association ◊ 1995
New reservoir on slow-sand filter for chlorine contact time

  • City of East Hope ◊ 1997
New reservoir for increased contact time

  • Skim Creek Water Association ◊ 1998
Design and construction of new two-bay slow-sand filter

  • Harborview Estates Water Association ◊ 1996
Addition to existing slow-sand filter system
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.The following exemplifies the experience of Robert M. Tate P.E. on Slow-Sand Filters:
GPS Surveying and Environmental Cleanup
  • Hillyard Yard Railroad Cleanup ◊ 2009
Switch yard cleanup of 20 acre site with 100,000 yards of material to confine within a lined               repository

  • Harvard Road Boat Ramp ◊ 2008
10 acre site cleaned of heavy metals with new parking and boat ramp construction staking               and volumes

  • Jack Waite Mine ◊ 2007
Aerial mapping, GPS control, site survey

  • Bunker Hill Superfund ◊ 1998-2002
Construction staking 10,000 acre area over 5 year period, heavy metal cleanup for mine                 and surrounding area

  • Powerline Route Survey ◊ 2005-2006
Spokane Washington to Pullman Washington 230 KV

.The following exemplifies the experience of Robert I. Hull, P.L.S. in GPS and Environmental Cleanup: